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Christian Wedding Traditions are well known all over the world. Usually held in the church, the Christians are very particular about the rituals of the marriage. Christian Wedding Traditions involve the major role of priests.

Attire forms an important part of Christian Wedding Traditions. The bride is dressed in white gown and the groom is dressed up in black suit. A veil is used to cover the bride's head. The bride dresses herself with a crown or a tiara with a bunch of white flowers. She also holds a flower bouquet in her hand.

The groom before the wedding ceremony sends a car for the bride to arrive at the wedding destination that is the church. As soon as the bride arrives she is welcomed by the groom and the 'best man' of the function kisses her on the forehead. Then the bride and the groom walk hand-in-hand towards the aisle. The priest marks the commencement of the ceremony with the chanting of sacred hymns and reading out selected parts of Bible.

At the ceremony, wedding rings are exchanged between the couples. This ritual is followed by the singing of the choir. The wedding couples swear in front of the guests assembled. The couple is blessed by the priest and who wishes them a happy and peaceful life. It is the priest who declares the couple as husband and wife in front of the gathering. The guests assembled also shower their best wishes on the couple. After the ceremony the couple registers themselves and walks down the aisle with hand in hand. Wedding Cake also forms a major part of Christian Wedding Traditions. The cake is cut by the bride and the groom jointly. The newly wed couples feed each other with the first slice of cake they cut. The guests too share the cake with them. This short and simple wedding ceremony is followed by the wedding reception. The guests are served snacks and meals at the wedding reception. The guests enjoy a dance at the reception. The newly weds too take part in it. The dance is followed by a dinner party. A toast is also proposed in honor of the couple.

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